Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday Outdoor Studio

Something I like to do sometimes is use my Gelli plate for printing new cloth.  I've only tried it  a few times but I recently went to the Gelli website and watched a few videos on technique. So I made some freezer paper masks, got all my paints and gear together and went for  it!
This is a basket of stamps and masks.

Ye ole bucket o' water for emergency rinsing.

 Gelli plate and brayer on cafeteria tray, ready for paint.
 Voila! Paint is rolled out.
I forgot to show the plate with the mask on it, but you can see below that it had rectangles cut out. I laid the fabric on top and rubbed it gently. This is what is left behind.  You use what is left behind for an additional print, called a "ghost print". I used watercolor paper for all the ghost prints.
Here is the fabric with the first printing.
Here is the ghost print on paper.
Here is another example of fabric and paper with several printings on each sheet.
It is not necessary to clean the Gelli plate between each round of printing.
This is a shot of the ground right by my chair, it shows a freezer paper mask and fabric drying.
After 2 hours or so outside in the heat, it was time to wrap it up and cool off inside. Making your own cloth and paper is a lot of fun.  Next up, another project I've been working on....not quilt related exactly.

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