Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I told you I like to make stuff

This is called Color Affection, a shawlette. I need to use up my yarn stash, so this is what I work on while watching tv.  I'll show a better picture after it is blocked.


  1. I love how this is coming out. I want to see the finished project!! Nice website, Redorange. Liane

  2. Interwsting stuff you make, and nice looking website. But I found when I went to your prile sections I was required to join Google+ circles, and I never like having to do that kind of thing, so wasn't able to read anything more about you or access your full profile. I really recommend you put a brief profile in your side bar or somehow disable that feature. I think you will lose people's attention at this point.

    1. Spelling or perhaps I should say typing is not my strong point.

  3. love your love of color!!! nice blog, I'll check back!