Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 We took a little trip up to Santa Cruz to see our number #2 son. We went to Henry Cowell State Park to see the redwoods.
 This is pod experiment that i turned into a pillow and gave to my son Ryland and his girlfriend, Amelia.
This is a rug I made. My son had mentioned that he would like a rug for his bedroom so I started thinking I could use up some of my yarn stash. So i started knitting strips, then I felted them in my little mini washer.  I bought this heavy duty mesh webbing for underneath and started stitching them together. It was so heavy!! I had to quit and put a binding on it. I chose the black and white to brighten it up a bit. I just used quilting cotton and I hope it lasts for awhile. I really wasn't that happy with the whole thing, but after the binding went on I thought it looked so much better. He liked it so I am happy. 
 Me and Ryland at the bike shop where he works.
This is what I am doing a lot of, water colors. I really have no idea what I am doing but I LOVE water colors. They are so fun and relaxing. There are liquid watercolors in the mixing tray. Love those especially. 
My summer is almost over. Next week school starts and I am back to work, sigh. It is bittersweet for me.  It provides a focus in my life, but it is stressful and I appreciate the time I have now.