Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Quilt

 Here's the new gifted quilt, made for my brother and sister in law. All the water themes reminded me of them and whaddya know, Holly just won a guitar in a contest, so the guitar playing mermaid is very appropriate. I love these blocks, they are so pretty.

 I kind of outlined the shapes in each square loosely.
This is the happy couple, Steve and Holly, enjoying the warmth.

Holly speaking:  Steve and I could not have been more surprised by the beautiful quilt Debby made us.  I see new paint, sheets and a water theme for our bedroom.  We love to be on the water in our kayaks, the theme is perfect for us, such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!
We love it!  

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Real Studio Tour Part Three

What does your studio REALLY look like?
 Before I begin I must thank Vicki Welsh for the delicious and wonderful fused glass art piece. Do I have to say, I LOVE IT? Well I do, and it was quite generous and kind of her to give someone she doesn't know something so special, which makes me think she is someone special for sure. I feel so lucky. Thank you again
 Okay here it goes, this is what it looks like when you walk in the door. It is a spare room, about 10' x 10'. It is really small. There is not much room to maneuver around. You can literally walk in about 3 steps then turn right and walk one step and turn right again and walk two steps. That's it. My sewing table is in the center of the room.
 When I am sewing I face this wall, a dresser full of fabric, and various art supplies above.
 This is the second wall, my cutting table (messy!) and various sewing supplies above. My husband made this table, it is really nice, has a shelf underneath to hold, what else....more stuff. I really like it, but I wish I could move it away from the wall. BUT. NO. ROOM.
 So now I am turning right that ONE STEP and beginning to face the third wall. In the corner is the iron and more sewing stuff. The upper walls of this side of the room is mostly all books, sewing, knitting, etc.
 Here is a better view of that third wall. You can see most of my fabric storage below in the Ikea shelf units. These drawers work perfect for me.
 As you turn back towards the doorway you can see I have more fabric storage (that is my hand dyed fabric). Behind that unit is actually a small closet that we do not have access to unless we shift things around. Next to that is a tiny design wall with a few things stuck up there. I now have a super large design wall that is in my sons room next door. He'll be back home next month so that will have to go somewhere soon (but not in here!)
 Detail shot of my mini design wall with random stuff up.
 This is the sewing table that sits in the center of the room. I am getting ready to quilt that green and blue pile that's folded up right now. That box contains all the homemade washi tape that I've created in the last couple of months and some stamps. (gosh, I really need to organize)
 Under the sewing table: air compressor to blow out my sewing machine, paints, gelli prints, texture plates.
 Under the sewing table: paints, stuff.
 Under the cutting table: papers, paints, spray bottles, who knows?
 Stamp pads, BARGAIN ALERT, I got those distress pads for $1.75 from Joann's on Black Friday.
Closer look at the fabric. I LOVE FABRIC. SO . MUCH

That's it! I am so jealous of Vicki, who apparently has about 2,500 square feet to work out all her crafty addictions. Thank you Vicki for your excellent tour of your space this week. I am going to enjoy looking at everybody's tours this weekend. When I feel sorry for myself that my space is so small I try to remember when I didn't even have this space and try to find some gratefulness. I actually feel very lucky to have it.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Real Studio Tour Part 2

 I tried so hard to find something new under the sun in the way of storage but.......nothing. I have the same stuff that everybody has, Ikea racks and drawers, plastic drawers, under table stashes, dressers, etc. And it is a mess right now!!!

 But one of my favorites is this library stand with drawers, an old card catalog that our school was getting rid of one day.  It is pretty small, only 10 drawers and it holds all my buttons, which is a lot. I think I am going to reorganize it when I am on my winter break from school next week. I don't use buttons that often and now I am getting an extensive supply of various markers that all need to be stored laying down, and the drawers would be perfect for that. We'll see how  industrious I am in a week.
This is a gift for somebody so I won't show too much of it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Real Studio Tour

 On this tour we are sharing nontraditional tools we use while sewing. I wracked my brain trying to think of something I've used in my studio that I haven't seen anywhere else and this is what I came up with. If you scroll down you'll see I just completed a mandala style log cabin, trying to use up scraps. In order to keep my scraps sorted out by color I grabbed some of these hooks from the kitchen and hung the grocery bags full of strips on my fabric shelves. They sat right next to my position at the sewing machine so I could just reach over and grab the appropriate color while I was sewing. My studio is SO SMALL I really don't have room to pile the scraps on my sewing table. So this worked out great!
You may recognize those fabric shelves from Ikea, I love them (those are my hand dyed fabrics in the drawers, hence all the solids). Well the coffee cup hooks are also from Ikea! 
Click the The Real Studio Tour button on the right to see all the creative ideas people have!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


No meat and no sugar. The best new thing was the roasted brussel sprouts with toasted almonds and blue tasty

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whimsical Faces


Instead of sewing today I took a class online and learned how to draw/paint these "Whimsical" faces from Jane Davenport. It was actually a lot of fun to learn how to do this. I need more practice and I didn't have all the supplies she uses. See that one with the blue hair, well she is facing towards the side, which is a whole different way to draw faces, who knew? The last one with orange hair is a little cross eyed I think. Interweave had a Black Friday sale on some of their online classes. I refuse to shop this week so this was a good deal.

Happy Birthday mustard man Styles!!! We love you!
Hey I saw Ryland wearing your Moroccan shirt at his "Friendsgiving" dinner! Yeah!
My boys are so stylish. Just sayin'

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mandala or Modified Barn Raising

I almost went totally traditional with the barn raising style log cabin, but changed it to form sort of a mandala. This probably has a proper name in "quiltworld" but I don't know what it is. I really like it even though I can't get a decent picture of it on the design board (that may or may not be my knee in the picture). I'll quilt it up and take it outside for its special portrait.
Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Barn Raising

 This one?
 Or this one?
Here's almost the whole thing. Its hard to get back far enough in this little room with the design wall in order to get a complete picture. The corners are darker than the rest of it.  I was trying to make a little space in my fabric drawers using up what I thought was a lot of fabric, but it hardly made a dent. This is my new goal, to use what I have before buying more. I know, famous last words. I'm trying.
I have always wanted to make a traditional log cabin but haven't gotten around to it until now. It is such a classic and who knew it could be arranged in a million ways? I kind of like the traditional barn raising plan which I think I'll keep. Remember red orange is my favorite color? Most of the blocks are complementary colors, and I especially love the blue/orange ones. They're all pretty.
On the chair is another quilt top in progress. I have the week off from school for Thanksgiving and I plan on sewing A LOT.
Stayed tuned for the Studio Blog Tour on December 6th. Vicki Welsh from Field Trips in Fiber is hosting it. You can click the button to get more information.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More doodles

I'm sick. I've been home 2 days from work trying to get better. Something was going around the classroom last week, and sure enough I got it. I really want to sew and do important crafty duties but I am mostly sleeping and can't do anything. Yuck
These are some doodles I worked on last month because I don't have anything new to show.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

 Here is a picture of me carving a leaf stamp from one of the erasers I bought from the dollar store. I ordered some new carving implements from Japan and they should be here soon. I can't wait to try them out.
 Oh yeah, I needed another craft to explore (NOT) so now I am doing art journals and altered books. This is one of the fat-sturdy-paged books that toddlers "read" painted with gesso.
 This is the new cover. I used a cupcake I created with the gelli plate and some of my home made washi tape. I thought a cupcake was appropriate since it was the birth of my altered book.
This is one of the inside pages where evidently from what I've read, you can do just about ANYTHING, from painting, stenciling, stamping, drawing, I could go on and on. I don't like it that much, but it is freeing to just be able to do anything you want. If I add journal writing then it becomes an altered book/journal. We'll see where this leads me. I still love carving stamps, I'm just sayin'.
By the way, it is so heartwarming and encouraging when people leave comments, at least I know somebody is reading this. Thank you to everybody who enjoyed the stamps. I'll post more on that.