Tuesday, July 3, 2012


This is where I lay out my quilts for basting, the backyard.  Yes, that is my dye table covered with a piece of 4'x8' particle board.  If I get out early in the day I can get it done before it gets too hot. I live in southern California so this works for me all year round, besides I really don't have any choice as there is no space inside for this activity.

 Now I am inside quilting this project. I mostly do free motion quilting, even semi straight lines, because I really dislike having to move the quilt around so much.  It is much easier to free motion it and figure it out as I go.  I never mark quilts, and I rarely do any fancy quilting.  These are my hand dyed fabrics combined with a bundle of Malka Dubrawsky's new fabric line.  I needed to practice curved piecing and this is the product.  I still need to practice curves, piecing and quilting.

Yes that is a wall of cd's.  My husband is a musicologist of sorts and also has a radio show, so our house is full of music and just about every wall has cd's. I always say, he could have worse habits.

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