Sunday, April 14, 2013


...was just finished this weekend! I started this in the early 1980's before I had children. I was young and just learning how to quilt back then.  It has been partially quilted for all this time, but it was taking up space in the studio so I decided to complete it. You can see how faded the black fabric is compared to the new black binding.

It was an Amish inspired design, all solids, jewel tones, and all black thread quilting. I was in a quilting group back then with my mom and each member contributed a block to me.

I had to guess the age so somewhere near my name I quilted the years, 1983 and 2013. I am guessing it is about  thirty years old. Everybody in my family likes it, my son walked in and said, "Oh yeah, going Gothic"
Which I thought was funny, so I gave it to him.

 Otis always has to try out each new quilt. He approves.

On to other projects! yeah!