Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Real Studio Tour Part 2

 I tried so hard to find something new under the sun in the way of storage but.......nothing. I have the same stuff that everybody has, Ikea racks and drawers, plastic drawers, under table stashes, dressers, etc. And it is a mess right now!!!

 But one of my favorites is this library stand with drawers, an old card catalog that our school was getting rid of one day.  It is pretty small, only 10 drawers and it holds all my buttons, which is a lot. I think I am going to reorganize it when I am on my winter break from school next week. I don't use buttons that often and now I am getting an extensive supply of various markers that all need to be stored laying down, and the drawers would be perfect for that. We'll see how  industrious I am in a week.
This is a gift for somebody so I won't show too much of it.


  1. Ah, you are just like the rest of us. Too much stuff. ;) But it is good to reprioritize and make better use of whatever storage we have. :)

  2. I like those little plastic drawers. I need to go to the Dollar Store and get some for one of my shelves. It's time for a little organizing around here too.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for making me feel at home.

  4. Aren't we all guilty of having too much stuff? It's the kind of guilt I have no trouble dealing with though. Your library drawer unit is definitely enviable!

  5. yes, a working studio, you can tell you CREATE here, it's not a perfect showroom for the OCD people. I call mine organized but messy, overflowing with stuff. I CAN find what I need, when I need it. You have such a different collection of fabrics, everyone's tastes are so unique.

  6. OMG, Deborah -- your studio is neat next to my sewing room, where I can't even move. I don't have Ikea shelves and storage bins but looking at yours, I think it is time for me to make a trip. That, or hire a space planner for this disaster of a room that is 11 x 14 and CRAMMED. My studio mate (in my real studio, out of the house) is a printmaker and today we were laughing and moaning about how we have too much STUFF. What else is new?
    On the subject of pink - ice, but I am determined to make this work:-).