Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whimsical Faces


Instead of sewing today I took a class online and learned how to draw/paint these "Whimsical" faces from Jane Davenport. It was actually a lot of fun to learn how to do this. I need more practice and I didn't have all the supplies she uses. See that one with the blue hair, well she is facing towards the side, which is a whole different way to draw faces, who knew? The last one with orange hair is a little cross eyed I think. Interweave had a Black Friday sale on some of their online classes. I refuse to shop this week so this was a good deal.

Happy Birthday mustard man Styles!!! We love you!
Hey I saw Ryland wearing your Moroccan shirt at his "Friendsgiving" dinner! Yeah!
My boys are so stylish. Just sayin'

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