Friday, December 20, 2013

The Real Studio Tour Part Three

What does your studio REALLY look like?
 Before I begin I must thank Vicki Welsh for the delicious and wonderful fused glass art piece. Do I have to say, I LOVE IT? Well I do, and it was quite generous and kind of her to give someone she doesn't know something so special, which makes me think she is someone special for sure. I feel so lucky. Thank you again
 Okay here it goes, this is what it looks like when you walk in the door. It is a spare room, about 10' x 10'. It is really small. There is not much room to maneuver around. You can literally walk in about 3 steps then turn right and walk one step and turn right again and walk two steps. That's it. My sewing table is in the center of the room.
 When I am sewing I face this wall, a dresser full of fabric, and various art supplies above.
 This is the second wall, my cutting table (messy!) and various sewing supplies above. My husband made this table, it is really nice, has a shelf underneath to hold, what else....more stuff. I really like it, but I wish I could move it away from the wall. BUT. NO. ROOM.
 So now I am turning right that ONE STEP and beginning to face the third wall. In the corner is the iron and more sewing stuff. The upper walls of this side of the room is mostly all books, sewing, knitting, etc.
 Here is a better view of that third wall. You can see most of my fabric storage below in the Ikea shelf units. These drawers work perfect for me.
 As you turn back towards the doorway you can see I have more fabric storage (that is my hand dyed fabric). Behind that unit is actually a small closet that we do not have access to unless we shift things around. Next to that is a tiny design wall with a few things stuck up there. I now have a super large design wall that is in my sons room next door. He'll be back home next month so that will have to go somewhere soon (but not in here!)
 Detail shot of my mini design wall with random stuff up.
 This is the sewing table that sits in the center of the room. I am getting ready to quilt that green and blue pile that's folded up right now. That box contains all the homemade washi tape that I've created in the last couple of months and some stamps. (gosh, I really need to organize)
 Under the sewing table: air compressor to blow out my sewing machine, paints, gelli prints, texture plates.
 Under the sewing table: paints, stuff.
 Under the cutting table: papers, paints, spray bottles, who knows?
 Stamp pads, BARGAIN ALERT, I got those distress pads for $1.75 from Joann's on Black Friday.
Closer look at the fabric. I LOVE FABRIC. SO . MUCH

That's it! I am so jealous of Vicki, who apparently has about 2,500 square feet to work out all her crafty addictions. Thank you Vicki for your excellent tour of your space this week. I am going to enjoy looking at everybody's tours this weekend. When I feel sorry for myself that my space is so small I try to remember when I didn't even have this space and try to find some gratefulness. I actually feel very lucky to have it.


  1. WOW! It's small, but packed with so much wonderfulness! No wasted space in your studio! Love the way you store your fabric in those spiffy drawers.

  2. Your room looks alot like mine..but I have a ways to go in the organizing department! Love all the colors!

  3. My space is small too, so I can appreciate yours! You've done a great job of organizing it to make the most of your area. Thanks for inviting us to visit!

  4. It may be small but you have made the most of it. I can't believe you have fabric and mixed media supplies all in that one space. I'm so glad you like the glass! It looks great hanging in your window.

  5. I would love to come and play with your fabric. It's great to see. Thanks for sharing your space.

  6. You have done a lot with a little bit of space! The first sewing room that I had to myself was 6 feet by 7 feet and I loved every square inch.

  7. Your room reminds me of my first little room but then kids left and I took over our master bedroom. Not big either but functions well. Your space is marvelous and I am going to relax my worries about wet stuff. If you can do your mixed media stuff in close confines surely I can with the more steps that I have. lol

  8. It is amazing what one can fit into a small space! Yours is well organized and full of fun stuff!

  9. I like looking at all the paint, brushes, markers and the fabric drawers are a work of art. Stimulating environment
    Leeanna Paylor