Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mandala Obsession

This is what I taught myself this summer, how to dye mandalas. I spent the entire summer on this project. Once I started I couldn't stop and now I have stacks of these, maybe 80? Some are about a yard square, some a little bigger, and a few are about 60 inches square. I learned a lot about folding and mixing colors and using various techniques to create effects. Its my new obsession. I had a permanent dye station set up in the back yard which made it quite convenient when the creative bug hit me, I could just go outside and begin experimenting to my heart's content.

I also dyed a series of shibori pieces, traditionally dyed with indigo. I used Dharma procion dyes, color Indigo (I cheated). That will be a new project and I'll post tomorrow.

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