Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Twinkling

More pears. I think I am getting tired of painting pears.I just couldn't paint green ones anymore.  Next weeks lesson looks really cool something that is way more in my style, more doodley and abstract.


  1. Hi Deborah, I saw your article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Those shells are fabulous. I live in Long Beach; I was wondering where your Twinkling H2O class is? Thanks! Florence Turnour

  2. Its an online class with Dion Dior. You can read more about her and watch videos at Dreaming In Color, the official site of the Twinkling H2o's. We get a set of lessons each week, it is really fun.

  3. Thanks for answering. After watching Dion Dior's video marketing the class, I got out my H2Os out, and have been trying to paint a tree frog I sketched. I need more colors. :) I know the class already started, so do you think it would be reasonable to jump in? I saw that you lived in SoCal and was hoping you'd actually found a real live class, but this is almost as good, since I suppose I don't really have time anyway. My email address is if you have time to answer, and don't want it in the comments of your blog post. That bicycle quilt is super fun, by the way. Thanks again. -Florence