Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Dyeing

Here are some pictures of my first dyeing session of the summer. I use the very low immersion technique of layering fabric between sheets of plastic and basically squeezing out most of the excess dye using a paint roller brush. I first learned this from Robin Ferrier at a few years ago. She has also shared this idea in Quilting Arts Magazine. It is an easy and efficient technique.

First you lay the fabric out and add the dye.

Then you put a sheet of plastic on top.

You can manipulate the dye with the paint roller brush, blending more or less, to get a cool ombre effect.

Here is the finished fabric, under the plastic, heating up in the summer sun.
Colors; lemon yellow, deep yellow, amythest

Now that this layer is protected with plastic, you simply lay another piece of fabric on top and keep going.  You can pile layer after layer using this method.  I've had maybe 30+ layers in the past.

Since you are squeezing out dye around the edges of the table you have to watch your feet!


  1. What do you make with the died fabric?

  2. great your blog! I dye like this too...not as good at
    posting inspire me!