Monday, January 5, 2015

Trailer Time

 This is by far the largest stamp I've ever created. Its about 5" x 7"!!! I made it so I could stamp some appliques for some dish towels for my sister who owns a vintage trailer and camps all the time with it, and I forgot to take pictures of the finished project!! Oh well. I fused them onto some dish towels and then free motion quilted all the black parts.
Pod post cards
Sweetie Otis welcomes the new year.


  1. I love my dish towels and snack mat. You are so talented. I sent you a picture to post if you want. Love, Betsy

  2. Dies ist bei weitem die größte Stempel, den ich je geschaffen haben. Es geht um 5 "x 7" !!! Ich habe es so konnte ich einige Applikationen für einige Geschirrtücher für meine Schwester, die einen Vintage-Anhänger und Lager die ganze Zeit mit ihr besitzt stempeln, und ich habe vergessen, Bilder des fertigen Projektes nehmen !!

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  3. Neat idea with the dish towels. Your sister has probably already heard of Vintage Trailer Supply. But if not, tell her they sell travel trailer themed cloth under the "Fun stuff & reference" tab at their web site.