Sunday, December 14, 2014

Playing with Stamps

I've made about 40+ of these pod shapes from erasers I bought at the 99 cent store (which I may or may not have hundreds left). If you use archival ink you can watercolor over them and embellish them. Super fun!
I played with some wreath designs and the other one is supposed to be an ocean wave. I got tired of painting them all blue and decided to add some other colors. 


  1. All of these stamps are beautiful. I guess you were limited by the shape and size of the original erasers. But they turned out great. I loved your wreath and the ocean wave.

    1. I was okay with the size of the erasers, and I was going for a uniform shape anyway. I wanted them to all be the same size. Thanks!

  2. Wow, 40+, that is over kill, I thought I was doing good with a half dozen, ha ha, way cool, the wreath is beautiful, I guess I'll just have to keep carving. The $ store erasers I've got are bright colors, but they carve beautifully. Happy Holidays