Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Something different

I am taking an online class called Between Speech and Silence by Diane Culhane.
She is a wonderful artist and I absolutely love her paintings. These are some samples from the second lesson which involves collage, marker, and gesso. The only magazine I had available was a Yoga Catalog and an advertisement for See's Candies (of all things!!) so the colors are somewhat coordinated but I was looking for pictures of texture.


Here is the collage..........................and here it is outlined with marker.

It has been gessoed over and tomorrow we paint it.
There is another one like this I'll show later on after I see where we are going with this.

I am loving painting and using all my stencils. Today I used my oil pastels to make a face, which I'll post tomorrow.
I love mixed media, I just wish I could keep my media straight, like what works on what and what doesn't work. It can be confusing, there are just many options these days.

You've probably noticed some of my faces have interesting backgrounds. I can spend days working on them. Yum.

Not much sewing going on right now. Soon though.

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