Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sewing Kit

 My son asked for a sewing kit while he was down at Christmas and since he was here less than 48 hours, we both forgot to get it together before he left. So after he left I made him a little bag with leftover scraps and mailed it up to him in Santa Cruz. I bleach stenciled the letters "Ryland's Sewing Kit" and put it together along with a bunch of supplies gleaned from my own stash (and some of his grandmother's).

And what do you do with a box of perfume you will never use? Of course you empty and clean out the bottles and use them for crafting!
I tested them first to see if they sprayed well (because it is so hard to find good spray bottles) and they seemed to work fine, I couldn't bear to throw them out.

Otis really needs to relax!


  1. that's a nice looking sewing kit and kitty! :)