Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rubber Stamp Obsession

It's like a sickness, it starts kind of small then it grows stronger and more virulent and then you succumb to the virus, and let it take over for a while until it runs its course. Maybe an unpleasant analogy but when I get into something new craftywise I really GO FOR IT. So I have been carving away for weeks now, it is so much fun, I can't stop. Erasers make good little stamps and whaddyaknow? they have tons of them at the dollar store, where I proceeded to buy all the packages they had hanging up (no picture, lets just say I brought home over 100 erasers). Most of my supply comes from which is great place with great prices.

I got this new book (see above) that has some great patterns and ideas and is really inspiring. You should visit Geninne Zlatkis' blog at She is a very inspiring artist and avid rubber stamp carver.  Youtube has quite a few how-to videos on carving also. Some of my carvings are a little shakey and far from perfect, but I hope to improve. Another obsession.

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  1. Obsession, YES!! I want to catch this obsession. Just like the stencils and masks I started to cut for my botanical prints, you've visited my blog, -AMY-- I can't stop either, gotta get out my carving tools now!! Wonderful playful patterns you've done. great detail too, if you made mistakes, no one but you can see them