Thursday, January 24, 2013


Okay, I've jumped on it! When everybody says the Scrappy Trip Around the World is fun, they are not kidding.  It is easy, but yet requires a little bit of designing as well, my kind of fun. Alas, like everybody else too, I barely made a dent in my stash. I may have to make another one. It is really fun and fast, and the end product......stunning IMHO.
Mine is queen sized to fit my bed (of course). I tried to lay out a few basic rules while I worked. Contrast was the most important, not always lining up the darkest row to make the diamond, use of greens and blues, a few blacks, not too primary colored, so pinks and oranges, not any yellow or red. 
 When I laid out the finished  blocks I hardly paid attention to placement. I mean I moved about 3 blocks. I love it. Now to figure out the quilting, which speaking of quilting........
 I got a new machine! I've only had it a week, but so far, it is sweeeeet. Please leave a comment if you read this.....please?
Blogger finally decided to fix itself. Now I can upload pics. Whew


  1. Another rad quilt from Mom.

  2. All your Mom's quilts are rad! You are so talented Deb. love Betsy

  3. Nice work!--I am only a few blocks in to my scrappy trip along, but it really is fun! My blog is Dorothy's Granddaughter. So nice to see you at Baron's today!