Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Water Coloring Lately

I've been working  on water colors lately.  I got a little moleskin water color book and a tiny little portable water color set that comes with a brush with water resevoir and mixing tray and at night if I am too tired to sew or anything else, which is often, I sit and do water colors.
 The paintings below are emblematic of neurotic doodles that I have been doing for years. They are all a variation of about the same thing, which is what doodles are. I figured out that if this is what I draw all the time, why not let them be the subject of some art projects. Besides water colors I also add colored pencil and very fine black marker lines. Markers do not work well on top of water color. It makes the marker stop working...... any suggestions? I don't know what to use, I've tried several types and brands.
 It is very relaxing, almost as relaxing as knitting.


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